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Giving American Manufacturing workers a centralized location to keep track of tasks, manage communications and keep up-to-date with the information to drive daily decision making. 

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Project Overview

SmartDiagnostics is a SaaS product designed to give American Manufacturing insights through data visualizations, trends and alerts on the health of their assets. However, a major pain point of communication was lacking, emails, processes and critical documents were being housed outside of SmartDiagnostics, which left internal and external users having to manage multiple tasks, communication efforts and asset management in multiple locations.

The solution was to create a centralized location for internal and external users to quickly see communications around each effort, manage processes and keep all relevant information within one view. 

My Role

Full Stack UX + Product Designer
Research, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, Proof of Concept and Value.

Research and Exploration

Target Audience

Data analysts, plant managers and reliability engineers, were targeted as the primary users that would manage daily tasks, assess asset's health, monitor alerts and review insights.


During the first week, I spent time with our product owner, engineers and users to define and understand what information could be leveraged, what type of work flows were being used and how they could be translated to "Desk". I spent time defining task types, statuses, interaction points and what information was being referenced. 

Wanting to utilize a level of heuristics to ensure a quick learning curve, I also spent time evaluating task management apps and different methods of managing and viewing tasks. 


In order to align with engineers and PO's, I created an overview of the main components and required information that would be needed within each piece in order for users to transition to the Desk platform. From here, we could create technical requirements and start to flesh out MVP and future feature enhancements. 

Rapid Prototyping

Atomic Design System

Utilizing template level established pages within our design system, I was able to quickly conceptualize Desk. To ensure that projected feature enhancements wouldn't be an after thought, I wanted to show the full future version of Desk and then be able to pull back features for the MVP.

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