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Forest through the Trees

Using proven UX methodologies, I am creating a full-scale project that will help connect clients and coaches alike. It will be easier than ever to find and connect with the right coach and take the first step toward a better life. 

Project Scope

Create an intuitive experience for client's seeking a variety of different coaches. Help guide and compare different coaching styles and coaches in order to match people with their ideal coach. 

This projects encompasses branding, research, UX and product design.

Currently a work in progress. Started 9/5/2023


Defining the Target Audience

Preliminary research has shown that the average age range of people seeking life coaching services was between the ages of 34-44 with 37% between the ages of 34-44 and 30% between 45-55. 


The average age range of Life Coaches was between 46-55 with 52% being women and 48% being men. This age was relevant as individuals seeking Life Coaches preferred to partner with someone within the same age range. 


Types of Coaches

There are essentially over 50 types of niched coaching styles available all over the world. In order to narrow down the categories for MVP, I wanted to focus on the top ten types:

1. Relationship

2. Family

3. Career

4. Health & Fitness

5. Spirituality

6. Money & Financial

7. Performance

8. Stress Management

9. Retirement

10. Generalized "Life" (encompasses health and wellness, forming positive habits and career focuses)


Within these top ten broader categories exists a multitude of subcategories that could be used at a later date to scale filtering systems to match clients with their ideal life coach. When people seeking life coaching were first presented with more than 50+ types of coaching styles, they became overwhelmed and discouraged. 


Types of People Seeking Life Coaches

While a variety of individuals seek out life coaches, the top categories that individuals fit into are:


1. Management Professionals

2. Attorneys

3. Single Parents

4. Parents of Teens

5. People with High Stress Careers


Why People Seek Life Coaches

Many people seek out life coaches for guidance in navigating a significant life change, such as taking on a new career. In plenty of cases, however, people turn to life coaches simply for help in building a happier, more meaningful life.


Top Reasons to Consider Life Coaching

1. Persistent Irritability

2. High Stress or Anxiety

3. Blocked Creativity

4. Lack of Contentment with Social Life

5. Dissatisfaction at Work

6. Inability to Break Bad Habits

Initial Branding Concepts and Lo-Fi Prototypes

Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 11.36.20 AM.png
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