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Gaining Quick Insights 

Creating enhancements to an existing Overview that lacked in-depth insights to help guide a user's daily decision making. 

The Problem Context


Existing Overview Page

Data visualization without actionability or insights serves little to no purpose. This page was the most skipped as it only gave users a glimpse that there were existing issues, but no means to connect the issue to the root cause or explore further. 

This page needed to be leveraged for the non-technical users to be able to gain a better understanding of just which assets and hardware to focus without having to traverse to 3 different pages for the same information. 

The Approach

Analysing data

User Interviews for three persona types.

    Technical Analysts | Plant Managers | Executive

Define the most valuable insights through debriefing.

    What information is needed to enable decision making?

    Is there any value in current data visualizations?

Collaborate with POs/engineering to define scope of effort.

Wireframes and Lo-Fi for iteration and validation.

User Testing and Validation

Overview with Actionable Data and Widgets

The most valuable insights came from field analysts and plant managers that would frequently start their work days by logging in to get an overview of what happened over the past 12-24 hours. The time range was a valuable piece of information to add to the "Alerts Overview". 

Working with our API team we were able to take the existing shell of the "Alerts Overview" and plug in enhancements to display a "12-48 hour" time range (available to customize within the settings per each applicable widget). We were also able to pull the metrics and connect the updated alarm counts to the asset/sensor, which allowed one-click access for further investigation. 

We were also able to identify an important data visualization that users were able to review quickly and enable them to project their days clearly. The Damage Score calculation with spark line visualization was a metric that many were viewing via PowerBI that we were able to integrate directly into the Overview.

The last piece was to enable quick access to the most frequented information, while also giving a quick synopsis for those users that operated under a 'general overview'. This is featured with a quick overview of existing tickets and favorited information. 

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